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4 BEGINNER Product Photography MISTAKES to AVOID!

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I will be talking about four mistakes that a beginner product photographer should avoid. Now, if you’re a beginner photographer or you’re new to product photography, you might make some mistakes. Unintentionally because of which you might not get good images. So, this article is precisely for you guys. Here I will cover the mistakes and also how to rectify them. So let’s get started:


  1. The first mistake is using incorrect focusing modes.

Sharp focusing is the key to photography. Imagine you have a beautiful subject and you have a greatcomposition, but the subject is not in focus properly. So its not worth of taking the image? Right? Most of the time, the subject is not in direction because of using incorrect focusing modes. Now there are different autofocusing modes for different situations. It works well when the subject is stationary. 


Using a continuous autofocusing mode doesn’t make sense, whereas when the

The subject is continuously moving. It makes sense because you have to track the

subject continuously. So you have to use the different auto-focusing options to make

sure that the subject is in focus all the time. Next time you shoot, make sure you analyze the subject and the situation and choose the correct focusing modes.


  1. The next mistake is setting up a tripod before framing and composing the shot. Now, most of the time, what happens is you go to a location, and you take the tripod, and you set it up, followed by locking camera. You start taking product images, but the thing is, you have already fixed the position of the camera. You have not framed it, or you have not composed it, and now if you want to change the camera’s position and the

The Composition then will be difficult. Because it’s already locked, and you don’t have the same level of flexibility. That is why what I do is I go to the location I take the camera, and I shoot some images handheld with different framing and different Composition.

 Once I’m happy with the Composition, then I use the tripod. So, I am sure that I am using a tripod, but at the same time, I’m getting a good composition because I did this part before setting up a tripod.


This is a very small tip but a very useful one even though I used to make this mistake as a beginner. But now, since I know this mistake and I know how to rectify it, it

solves the problem. 

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  1. The next mistake is not adjusting the manual settings. Most of the times, what happened is you adjust the manual settings for a particular light condition and then when you change the position of your camera or maybe there is more light coming

later, the exposure is not proper. So you have to make sure that you’re always checking your light and you’re always adjusting the manual settings to get a proper exposure. 


Most of the beginners take the image, and later, if it’s bright or dark, they try to fix it in post processing. A bit of flexibility is there in post-processing if you are shooting in draw, but for best quality picture, you have to make sure that you’re getting a proper exposure in camera. Then when you post the images you will get better images.


  1. Not exposing highlights. This is a mistake that mostly will happen when you’re shooting something which has a very high dynamic range. So, if you have very bright highlights and very dark shadows and if you expose for the shadows, you will get details in the shadows. So always make sure you’re exposing for highlights. 


Most of the time people ask me sort of what do you mean by exposed for highlights? What I mean is point your camera towards the highlights or towards the sky. If you

have it and then expose for the sky, make sure the sky is properly exposed, meaning

it’s not too dark or it’s not too bright. The highlights are in focus and you also have got a good composition later you can obviously expose the shadows in post-processing but since it was not possible with highlights that’s why you have to expose for the highlights.


  1. Not focusing on Composition. Many of the beginner photographers focus a lot on camera settings cameras lenses, but they forget that the light and Composition is the

most important thing in photography. That is what will help the viewer tell the story, and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Right?


That is why Composition is extremely essential as a beginner photographer, you

have to learn the different composition techniques. Once you know all the composition methods and you try to incorporate them in your images you will see your images are looking much better than it was before, just by changing the Composition a bit. So next time, make sure when you’re shooting spend some time in

composing the images and getting better images

I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know your opinion in the comment sentient below.

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