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Non-Bluetooth Wireless Scores and Tests

What it is: Non-Bluetooth wireless support for wireless headphones. Whether the headphones come with a non-Bluetooth wireless protocol (usually proprietary).
When it matters: Non-Bluetooth proprietary wireless protocols tend to provide better audio and microphone quality, as well as lower latency. This makes them suitable for wireless gaming.
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Non-Bluetooth Line of Sight Range

What it is: The range that the headphones can reach before dropping any audio when in direct line of sight using their non-Bluetooth wireless protocol.
When it matters: If you can't or prefer not to carry your wireless source on you while listening to your audio in a large and open environment.
Good value: >170ft
Noticeable difference: 10ft
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Non-Bluetooth Latency

What it is: The amount of delay introduced by the headphones. This could cause the audio and video to become out of sync.
When it matters: When watching videos or playing video games wirelessly, high latency can cause sync issues between the images you see and the audio you hear.
Good value: <100 ms
Noticeable difference: 15 ms
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