Benefits of booking flights directly


Vacation plans are on the go this festive season. People are getting excited as they can celebrate and party hard after two years. The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on the mental health of people. Festivities are the major reason people feel happy. As per the reports, there has been an increase of 13% in travel for this year’s Thanksgiving compared to 2020, and a prediction states that a whopping 53.4 million people are traveling. The travel volumes are therefore soaring towards pre-pandemic levels in 2019. The numbers show that the travel industry has regained its strength and is back on track from a dramatic decline of 80% in 2020. Cathay Pacific offers the best deals enhancing the travel experience for the customers.

Vacation plans are rushing nowadays because of the festive season. It is very clear that this year Thanksgiving is going to be very different from the last two years. People have made great plans to get reunited with their family and friends for a beautiful holiday. The opening of the borders has brought a lot of courage and happiness to the travelers. Not only that, also the safety guidelines which have been improved are helping Travellers a lot to plan their travel as per their convenience. Recently the US borders have been opened for people who are completely vaccinated; this has increased the interest and ambition of the returnees and tourists. Having said that it is to be noted that because of the huge travel plans it is expected to have a lot of crowds on the roads and mainly through air travel.

There are a lot of online bookings done for travel and it is observed that direct flight bookings are of the highest convenience to the Travellers than any other form when it comes to air travel.

Booking directly through the Airline’s website helps people in many ways. One of the biggest reasons is because they can get refunds if there is any change in the price after the tickets are booked. The difference in the price is refunded to the travelers only if the tickets are booked directly through the airline. You can get many offers like this like refunds, getting credit rewards for booking flights directly etc. Customers get the benefit of ‘best rate guarantee’ or ‘lowest price guarantee’ through direct booking.

Another reason for booking online through the airlines is the friendly user interface. When the visitors login to the airline’s portal it is made very easy and simple for them to navigate on the website and there is a lot of safety and security as well to make transactions on their portal. Additionally, there is no doubt about fake bookings. As you make plans for your vacation to use an airline website to make bookings for your flights it is more affordable and comparatively cheaper than any other form of booking. The airlines usually give as many offers as possible to the travellers especially during festive seasons which help them to add bonus points, get rewards or get special offers for their next travel.

Further, the loyal customers or the priority customers get more perks for booking directly through the airlines and these can be in the form of getting extra miles, credits for food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, access to the business class airport lounge, cashback offers, or also priority boarding. Not only this there may be some downsides to booking through third parties like you may not be able to choose the seats until the check-in and also some Airlines impose surcharges if you book through third party websites.

How do you book flights directly on the Airline’s Website?

  • Firstly go to the flight booking page
  • Choose to travel like one way or round trip etc.
  • Fill up on the information like destination, preferred dates of travel, number of tickets and preferred travel class.
  • After you provide this information you will be guided to the next page which offers flight as per your request. Choose the best option for yourself and complete the booking by making a payment.

Travel rules have become strict because of the Covid-19 guidelines and every airline has its own standard operating procedure for the passengers like thermal screening, drop-in baggage, choosing the transportation, physical test and many more. However with the convenience of flight booking directly, complete safety with additional perks is assured.


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