Fashion Pulis Number 1 Entertainment Blog in Detail


Everyone might be familiar with the fashion pulis blog which is a famous gossip website. The blog contains interesting scoops about various actors and  Ouji fashion stylists. If you are searching for news about any of the stars in the Philippines, then it should be your go-to blog. The latest gossips and news about celebrities is readily available in the fashion blog. It is updating regularly and scoops are written to feed the thousands of fans. Well, people of the Philippines love this blog and comment on the scoops published in the blog. In our post today, we will let you know all about this popular blog.

Gossiping has been among humans since the beginning. People are most of the time showing their interest and excitement in knowing others life. In the case of celebrities, fans are usually obsessed with their every move. They want to gather information regarding happenings in the life of their favourite actors often which is common as well. Gossip websites inform the fans about the life of their favourite actors and give the latest scoops. Fans obsessed over actors, stylists and other celebrities follow such gossip websites. Fashion pulis are one such website that has a huge fan base in the Philippines.

Know about the entertainment industry of the Philippines!

The Philippines is a bustling country that is vibrant. It is considering one of the oldest film industries and has many talented actors and elegant actresses. Also, apart from films, television shows are also popular in the Philippines. There is a large fan base for film actors and television actors. Many times when working together, actors and actresses form a strong personal relationship. This paves way for gossip among people who want to know everything about the couple. With the internet and social media around, speculations and gossip increased. People start sharing what they know about such celebrities and scandals can travel faster than light.

Find Gossips in fashion pulis

Fashion pulis is basically a blog where you can find news about celebrities. These celebrities include actors, actresses, fashion stylists and other people in the Ouji fashion industry. In the blog, you can find the latest news first and as you scroll down you can read the old gossips. Each post has pictures in it to support the gossip and fans can enjoy it by reading and seeing it. Also, the homepage containing categories where news posts each year from the beginning can see for sure.

Comment your Opinion about scoop news!     

Whenever the fashion pulis blog publishes a post, immediately the fans flock over. They post comments in response to the scoop news and express their opinion. The blog has many followers which provide evidence for its wide popularity. Also, apart from writing comments, fans can also share any news they have. The blog allows its fans to share any juicy stories they might know about celebrities. There is a provision for writing a blog post where followers can share their stories. However, all these posts and comments must adhere to few community guidelines.

Check out the Blind Posts!

The blog posts in fashion pulis often contain two kinds of posts. Some of them contain the name of the celebrities involved in the scoop. These posts are saying as blind items and they don’t reveal the names directly. Instead, another name that contains the clue to the real person will occupy the place. People find it pretty interesting to guess the identity of the person involves. Thus many fans are lured to the blind posts which contain the element of secrecy and attraction.

Know about the Founder-Michael Sy Lim!

After knowing all these facts about the gossip blog, many of you might wonder about one thing. It is who the person behind all this is and who runs this popular blog. We can help you with this question about the mind behind this gossip blog. The person who runs the fashion pulis blog is Michael Sy Lim. Michael Sy Lim is a lecturer and a blogger who runs the number 1 entertainment blog in the Philippines. Lim started his blogging journey in February 2011 and has become successful since. He himself is a fashion icon and wears designer clothes that are expensive.

Who is Lim?

Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim was always curious about fashion, travel, showbiz and celebrities. He made his interests his lifestyle by creating a blog and writing about them. Well, he is very active on all kinds of social media platforms and keeps up the updates regularly to grab attention. He is one of the faculty in the Marketing department of De la Salle University. Most people have fallen in love with his blog. But there are haters too especially the celebrities who become the basis of his posts.

Controversies because of the fashion pulis Blog!

Michael Sy Lim has a great lifestyle but he is not an exception to controversies. Due to the nature of the gossips that he posts in the blog, there are many controversies. The blogger has been arrested for example in the year 2015. A libel charge was filed against him for leaking the medical reports of model Deniece Cornejo. He was arrested at his home in the city of Makati and was bailed later. Also, due to a post about Liz Uy, a stylist, a complaint was filed against him for damaging her name. Moreover, his professional life of being a lecturer is also affected by his blog. There has been an appeal made to suspend him as faculty of DLSU from the department of Marketing.

A Final Word on fashion pulis!

Needless to say, the blogger Michael Sy Lim still posts blogs about celebrities in his blog fashion pulis. If you are looking for any latest gossips and interesting things in the entertainment industry, visit his blog. You will enjoy it a lot by reading his blog and come to know the events happening in the life of celebrities. We hope you gained useful information about the Ouji fashion and gossip blog!

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