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James Heltibridle

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You surely must be wondering who is James Heltibridle? He is true, an incredible director, a renowned artist as well as a product designer. iHe was born in the USA on 29 November 1988. He was 5 feet and 8 inches tall having blue eyes and Brunette hair colour. His real name is James Benjamin Heltibridle and he is part of the Sagittarius family too. His father’s name is Bob Heltibridle and his mother’s name is Sue Heltibridle. James Heltibridle did his course of BA in 2013 and later completed his education from the varsity of Arts in North Carolina, thus, professional in direction, modelling and visual merchandising.

His Professional Life

In 2012, he designed the roles for “Memories and Death” and in 2013 for “Robot”. He has also produced “The Walking Dead”, a famous series and of course a milestone in his life. He has uploaded pictures with the crew including Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon that we can see on his Twitter. When he died, he was working as a filmmaker and it is true to say that he has been recognized and remembered more after his death.

James Heltibridle was undoubtedly a great human being that always cherished every moment of his life. He continued to spread positivity and tried his best being a good example for everyone who had been around him. i He was very helpful and regardless of the fact how hard the situation was; he used to willingly always step forward and assist the ones in need. He was really determined and had strong will which allowed him to make his dreams come true.

It is downhearted to say that James Heltibridle experienced death when he was about to turn to 28. After three months of his death, the sixth season of Walking Dead was popular. He was declared as an “unsung hero” by many known reputed people. It is fair to say that he could not get enough time to show people his talent, dedication and hard work.

Net Worth

Without any doubt, Walking dead is a massive hit and it is fair to say that James Heltibridle earned a good amount from his work. Normally, movie directors receive around 92,000 USD per annum but he had a net worth estimated to 1 million USD sharing a lavish lifestyle with his family.

His Personal Life

We cannot find any information on the internet related to his personal life but it is accurate that he was unmarried. Usually, people in media do not openly reveal their life, hence, James Heltibridle did the same. He focused more on his career rather than his love life.

His Social Media

James Heltibridle had been really active on his social media accounts particularly Instagram and Twitter. As he was not so open to anyone, he tried his family on social media to be limited. He was a really secretive person believing in to stay confined and being real in the small circle that he had built over the past years of his life.

His Death

He died in a car accident on 10 November 2016 at the age of 27. Surprisingly, he died in the same month when he was born. The crew of Walking Dead showed immense love and condolences for his death on their social media. His death shocked many people but James Heltibridle will still forever be remembered in the hearts of the people.


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