Karen radio host fired: Social media is something that you carry everyday with yourself. Out of 3.8 billion social media users, 25% of them have to undoubtedly experience trolling and calling out during their usage. People deliberately provoke others online by saying inflammatory and offensive content that trigger others making them unhappy. However, this news doesn’t surprise me but recently the radio host “Karen” has been fired for a racist rant.

As you must be aware of the trend of “Black Lives Matter”, you must have seen thousands of people speaking up about the rude and unjust behaviour towards black and considering them inferior to others. It can be undoubtedly said that the black community is being treated badly by the white community. A recent example which is quite the trendiest right now, Karen radio host fired from WSMN radio has repudiated to step back from her rant.

Who is Dianna Ploss?

Dianna Ploss is the one named as radio host “Karen” who hosted on Bartis – Russell Broadcasting talk WSMN Nashua. She filmed herself harassing a group of people who were Nashua landscapers as they were speaking Spanish. According to Towleroad, she was heading to the studio on July 10 and during the moment she recorded her encounter with the workers. The video was chosen from the Instagram account “Crazy Karens” and since then it has more than 55000 views. The tweet of “Crazy Karens” posted on July 11, 2020 says:

“Self proclaimed Talk-Radio Personality and Maga Activist Dianna Ploss was on her way to the studio as she heard a caucasian construction worker speaking Spanish to other hispanic workers. This upset her so she decided to live to stream her confronting the workers.”

Why was Karen fired?

Karen radio host fired: She recorded a Facebook live where she was shouting at Spanish workers and making them feel bad for speaking Spanish rather than English. They were deliberately being accused by her. She was treating them as if they have committed a crime of being from Spain. Throughout the video, she had been telling the man that they should speak English just because it is America. She then told the worker that if they are from the state, they surely should be speaking English. To further make it worse, she asked the workers that if any of them is illegally staying there. Furthermore, she ranted about communism stating that they are taking over the streets. During the video, a man also came from somewhere after seeing that the woman was verbally assaulting the working men. When he opposed them, Ploss declared them “illegal aliens” which is really disappointing. Later, regardless of the COVID situation, she questioned the man that why is he wearing a mask and pretended that the pandemic is not the big deal or something to worry about. Finally, she ended the video by blaming all on race as she utters,

“He is a black man and he is going to protect the brown man from this white woman who is practicing white privilege because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all these guys doing this work in Spanish.”

She; Being Fired!

She had been a concern on media and in response, her employer declared that she was no longer linked in any way with WSMN as stated at the announcement. WSMN further says,

“We WSNM significance liberty of speech, liberty of assembly and expression. iWe won’t tolerate discrimination, racism or hatred. We continue to present and offer on air opportunities for discussion, education and the exchange of opinions and ideas.”

People had shared similar opinions under the post of Dianna Ploss as well as the articles that were being published by Ploss Facebook’s webpage. People were so furious thus, in order to remove her from the job, a petition was launched. It doesn’t surprise me but it was extremely less time that more than 10,000 times it was signed.

Ploss Reaction

She had deleted the video but in return had posted several videos where she amplified her belief. She said that she won’t be backing down with three American flag emoji’s. The hatred of all the things that are non-English had been doubled by her. She further added, “Good Morning Patriots: so, if you want people in America to speak English, that makes you a racist.” The woman was distressed that in order to ask customer service for help, she had to press one for instructions in English. Her brainless beliefs and reasonings are not worthy enough to drag the topic of the inconvenience of calling for customer service here.

“She did not apologize at all. This is what she had to say couple of hours ago… disgusting woman!” – Amy (@AJSJ1986) July 14, 2020

Celebrities Response

“When you are so worthless that you get triggered because someone speaks another language. @DiannaPlossShow you are disgusting … and ugly, in many, many ways.” – Leyna Nguyen @LeynaNguyenTV (twitter) July 12, 2020

“Bye @DiannaPlossShow. Hard to believe management did not notice your hate before this but good riddance. @DiannaPloss is off the air!” – Leyna Nguyen @LeynaNguyenTV (twitter) July 13, 2020

Can be helpful in the event that you actually announced the English phrases rather than dedicate individuals spending so much time (perhaps not bothering you).” – Lori Lundergan

“In the USA it is too impolite to hear other people’s discussions, of course, should they talked English you don’t have thought of it.” – Jamie Campbell

“In case you are a portion of this silent majority, why not you close the bull *** up?” – Brenden McShea

“The United States will have a formal speech. Could you potentially be some more adorable?” – Laura Colebrooke

It is true to say that every one of us has seen racist videos but it is quite surprising that the racist is shooting a video of herself. After quitting the job, Ploss has joined to campaign for Trump. Similarly, another petition is being signed, optimistically it is being written in Spanish!

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