Most Romantic Cities to Strengthen Your Relationship


When was the last time you spent quality time together as a couple? Between the kids, work, stress, and hectic lives, there’s little time to even have dinner together–let alone think about romance! Romantic Cities

However, this can be a killer to your relationship, since couples need to spend time alone to connect and be with one another. If you can’t remember the last time you were alone with your partner, it’s time to think about a romantic getaway.

Ready for champagne, roses, and plenty of room service? If so, here are the most romantic cities to strengthen your relationship.


“We’ll always have Paris”, claims Humprey Bogart in the classic Casablanca, one of the most famous movie lines of all time.

However, we think there’s something to be said for Paris being a romantic city—it is known as the city of love, after all!

If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship, book flights to Paris for a few days. This charming city has everything you could want, from some of the world’s most romantic restaurants to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

It’s hard to imagine anything nicer than a stroll along the Seine at sunset—it’s sure to do wonders for your relationship!

Sure, cities like Paris can be expensive, but you can mix up free things to do, like picnics, with paid activities, which will help your budget stretch further.


We absolutely love the romantic city of Charleston, South Carolina. This city is truly charming in every sense of the world—it even contains Rainbow Row, consistently ranked one of America’s most beautiful streets.

Rainbow Row contains gorgeous pastel-colored Georgian townhomes and is only steps from some amazing restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and cozy cafes and bars.

The cuisine in Charleston is out of this world, so if you enjoy seafood, comfort meals, and pecan pie, you’ll find some of the country’s best dining options in town.

Southern hospitality is famous across the country, but there’s no better place to experience it than Charleston. However, if you want to combine it with another romantic city, it’s only a few hours from Savannah, Georgia–another gorgeous and historic town in the south.


Seriously, how romantic is Rome? We just can’t get enough of the beautiful Italian language, the amazing wines, and the delectable food.

Any relationship can benefit from spending some time in Rome. There are plenty of luxurious hotels, amazing churches and museums to visit, and plenty of sidewalk cafes where you can chat, relax, and connect with one another.

If you have enough time, Rome is also a great starting point for exploring some of the other romantic areas of Italy, such as Tuscany, Capri, Venice, and Florence.

Spending a week or two traveling around Italy can be an incredible way to bond as a couple—and no, you don’t need to be fluent in Italian to get around! (Although it never hurts to learn a few words.)


Ok, Waikiki is technically part of the city of Honolulu. But this Hawaiian beachside suburb is one of the most romantic in the world, attracting plenty of honeymooners.

This famous surf beach has some of the most iconic views, taking in Hawaii’s Diamond Head. Imagine attending a sunset luau together, dancing on the sand, and enjoying a mai tai?

If you want a place with tropical weather, relaxing vibes, and world-class beaches, head straight to Waikiki! You’ll find amazing shopping and restaurants too, since Waikiki caters heavily to the tourism market.

Yes, it’s not the cheapest of destinations, but surely your relationship is priceless!

San Francisco

The stunning city of San Francisco not only offers culture, history, and fun, but it’s super romantic! Why not have a delicious dinner in Chinatown or indulge in ice cream at San Fran’s famous Ghirardelli?

San Francisco is also known for its acceptance and openness—and even a few strip clubs and adult shops, if you’re feeling kinky! A romantic weekend away can be the ideal time to open up your horizons in the bedroom.

When you’re having an adults-only getaway, have you thought about trying an erotic new fetish, such as pegging? You can find out more in this guide—we bet you’ll love it!


If you find yourself in Japan, Kyoto has plenty to offer in terms of romance. Sure, most visitors to Japan will visit Tokyo, an incredible city, but its huge size and crowds don’t actually scream romance.

However, the slightly smaller Kyoto is definitely a place where romance can bloom. You’ll find unbelievable cuisine, lots of serene gardens and temples, and you can also hire a romantic riverboat to cruise around.

We also recommend the Sagano Bamboo Forest, just be sure to head there early to beat the crowds.

When you’re arranging your accommodation in Kyoto, we recommend looking for a room with a private onsen. These are a type of Japanese hot spring, with the warm waters sure to feel amazing on a cold night.

Of course, you’ll need to enjoy your onsen together, as the Japanese do—in the nude!

Quebec City

Canadians love Quebec City as it’s not only a winter wonderland, but it just oozes romance. If you’re looking for a naughty weekend away north of the border, Quebec City is a great choice.

Thanks to the French influence, it almost feels like you’re in Europe, with cobblestoned streets, delicious cuisine, and a romantic atmosphere.

The city is also packed with romantic adventures that you can enjoy together. If you’re both into adventure, you can go ice skating, hot air ballooning, or enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides.

Of course, if you’d rather relax indoors and watch it snow, you’ll find plenty of luxurious hotels, complete with spas, wine bars, and delicious room service.


The sparkling harbor city of Sydney is super romantic. If you find yourself in Australia, make sure to spend a few days relaxing together in the city.

You’ll find world-class restaurants and amazing parks and beaches—Sydney even has a few clothing-optional beaches!

Or, for something totally different, you can actually climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, giving you a birds-eye view of the city. Believe it or not, the climb has actually been the site of a few engagement proposals over the years!

New Orleans

New Orleans may have a reputation as a party city, when it comes time for Mardi Gras, but the city actually can be quite romantic too.

You can enjoy the gorgeous architecture and gardens, then relax together in an intimate jazz bar, dancing the night away. Or, enjoy a romantic dinner on a steamboat cruise before heading back to your Airbnb for a glass of wine.

The vibrant, eclectic city of New Orleans might be just what you need to refresh your relationship.

New York

New York might be the city that never sleeps, but it’s also incredibly romantic. NYC attracts visitors from all over the world, eager to experience this American icon.

This means there are plenty of touristy things to do in the city, but you can skip these and focus on the romantic experience. You could enjoy a Broadway show, watch the sunset from a rooftop bar, or even pretend to be kids again at Coney Island.

You can never get bored in NYC, so you’re sure to find whatever thrill you’re looking for! For a naughty twist, why not go shopping together in one of NYC’s many fabulous shopping districts for some sexy lingerie, then wear it back in the hotel.

It’s sure to add some spice and fun to your relationship!

Cape Town

The gorgeous waterfront city of Cape Town, in South Africa, is unbelievable. You’ll find majestic beaches just made for sunbathing together, plenty of delicious cuisine, or stroll through the famous Kirstenbosch botanic gardens

Or, if you’re adventurous, you can arrange a private helicopter flight over the city! If wine is more your thing, there are also plenty of gorgeous vineyards just outside Cape Town, ideal for wine tastings, deep conversations, and even taking photos together as a couple.

These Romantic Cities Are Perfect for Lovers

If your relationship could use some TLC, we think one of these romantic cities could be just the thing you need! With your other half, plan an amazing trip away where you can bond, connect, and grow as a couple.

Or, if you’re feeling really romantic, why not plan it all as a surprise? There’s nothing more romantic than being swept off your feet and whisked away to Paris—I know we wouldn’t say no!

Once you decide on your dream city, start researching hotels, restaurants, and activities, planning out all the romantic things you want to do together. You’re sure to love your special time together as a couple.

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