MTG Arena – The Finest Card Game


MTG Arena, also known as Magic: The Gathering Arena is indeed a collectible card game that has been developed by the Wizards of the Coast. The game has been released on different dates for different systems as for Microsoft Window users it was released on June 25, 2020 while for the mobile versions, the game was recently released in March, 2021.

Overview of MTG Arena

MTG Arena is similar to the original card game that we physically play but now with the help of booster packs, game achievements and purchases, it allows us to have more cards and build decks to challenge the opponent. We can now access to “land cards” and “play cards”. Land cards usually give 5 different colors of mana while the play cards use mana to ask for the creatures, spells and activation of different abilities. The goal of the player is to make the component weak by reducing its life to zero and the winner should do it before the opponent could do the same.

The gameplay of MTG Arena

It has a constructed deck play and a limited play. Constructed deck play allows you to generate cards from the library and as the player wins the matches and complete the daily quests, they are able to have booster packs and likewise can now customize and make improvements in their desks. However, in the Limited play, the player can compete with the other player but can only select and obtain cards that are provided by the game. If the player wins 7 matches and loses 3 matches, the event is automatically over and the player has to reselect the new cards again in order to be the part of future events.

Moreover, the shuffling mechanic is different from the usual card game. It truly depends on the game algorithm that what is your next card and this feature makes the game interesting to play if compared with the physical version of MTG.

The feature of optional micro transactions allows users to play for free. With the help of real-world currency, the user can buy now gems as well as rewards. The option of Wildcards helps the player to swap the wildcard with other cards in the deck. Since there are four copies of a particular card, so if the user has the fifth copy too, the player can add the vault meter. After adding the vault meter, it is important to fill it, in order to have access to more wildcards. However, MTG Arena does not offer you to exchange cards with another player thus maintaining standard rules of the gameplay.

Development of MTG Arena

The game rule engine is the major development in MTG Arena, hence, building a system that can manage the rule sets of the game. This development speeds up the game and allows it to be more expandable. It is said that MTG Arena was meant to get replaced with Magic: The Gathering Online, however, MTG Arena only includes cards with the standard sets.

At first, Arena was tested in a closed beta and the first large scale close beta started in December, 2017. The launch of open beta was in 2019 and the release for the Window users was in the same year too. The game was further available for android and IOS users on March 24, 2021.

Features of MTG Arena

MTG Arena is free to download. I know you are thinking that it is not exactly free, well, yes you have to spend the real-world currency but there are many promo codes that give you free loot. It could start from cosmetics and end to packs. You can easily build up the collection of yours and achieve certain deck that you wish for but it is indeed a slow process. However, it does not get free if you want faster results as you sooner realize that the deck you have been wishing for is no longer in the meta now. In order to fulfill that, you start buying gems and packs to crack and get what you exactly wish for.

You can play as much as you can and all you are doing is putting in your skills and time but if you want a higher rank or feel that you are prepared enough to compete then either you have to go to the old way or just to make it quick; can put some money in. Well, it’s completely up to you which way you want to go but as a matter of fact, you surely have access to every aspect of the game.

What Should You Choose MTG Arena or MTG Online?

MTG Arena has a beautiful layout that is much similar to Hearthstone. It is indeed a much improved version of MTG Online. MTG Online showed a grey background along with slow gameplay but now MTG Arena has colorful themed background representing a much engaging gameplay. it is true to say that MTG Arena is much better in terms of quality and speed.

MTG Arena has the option available for the beginners where they can easily see the tutorials and practice. It is preferable to admit that Arena makes the way of staying connected with you during the matches. Usually, the card zooms in the creature’s ability triggers but MTG Arena makes the game faster by automatically skipping the phases. There are no time limits which makes it very clear that you can easily bluff for as long as you want to. If talking in general then undoubtedly, MTG Arena is preferable for newbies as it allows more flexibility and option to choose wide range of decks.

As concluded, if you truly love the game of magic then MTG Arena should be your number one preference. Don’t waste time now and just a click away, prepare yourself to ride on the journey of wizardry and allow yourself to make your experience not only rich but indeed positive as well.


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