Nick Kroll Girlfriend – Nicholas Kroll Marrying Lilly Kwong


To know about Nick Kroll’s girlfriend, you need to know who Nick Kroll is. Read further to get yourself updated.

Nick Kroll – An Important Member of the Entertainment Industry

Nicholas Kroll is an American actor who has been most famous for his comedy series of Kroll Show, Hello Show, The Oh, The FX, The League and of course, Big Mouth. He has been the voice over artist for films including Sausage Party, Loving Sing, Adult Beginners, Captain Underpants, The House, The First Epic Movie, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Uncle Drew and Operation Finale.

Nick Kroll’s Girlfriend

(Nick kroll girlfriend)If looking at his records, he dated a comedian as well as an actress, Amy Poehler in May, 2013 and ended in 2015. He later dated a landscape artist, Lily Kwong in the end of 2018. They started living together since the pandemic started. Nick Kroll’s girlfriend sooner became his wife in November 2020. Their Instagram tells us that they had a romantic cliffside ceremony. In the post, it is a polaroid where the couple is seen holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.

More about Lilly Kwong

Nick Kroll girlfriend’s, Lily Kwong is born in San Francisco. She got her education from Columbia and graduated with BA in Urban Studies in 2012. Her family on social media calls her “Scout” because she is a nature lover. She is able to be to make it to Forbes under the list of 30. She is not shy when it comes to interacting in front of camera; thus, it plays a major role in earning her a living. She promotes her work and plays the role of activism for nature.

She enjoys travelling and try’s different adventurous activities with Nick Kroll. We can say that she loves spending time outside and that is a major reason why her love for nature has increased over the past years. It can be undoubtedly said that her love for the nature has transformed into a purpose now. She has established her own business Studio Lily Kwong and the major mission behind the idea is to get reconnected again with the nature. In order to follow her dream, she has been collaborated with the organization, Freedom Gardens that teach others how to grow their own food without any hassle. The progress is seen in her work as she has managed to create beautiful urban designs that allows nature to be reflected as fashion. She believes in creating a connection between people and nature and she has been indeed successful in her goal.

Nick Kroll and Lilly Kwong Welcoming their Son

It is said that after the announcement of Nick Kroll’s girlfriend being pregnant in October, the couple tied the knots in November. The couple is really happy as Kroll posted a picture on Instagram of their wedding day and it was captioned, “so very thankful for @lilykwong”. They later welcomed their child in Jan 2021. A picture of their son’s tiny foot was posted by Lily Kwong and it was captioned, “Welcome to the world little one – our beautiful baby boy joined us earthside on 1/21/21. Our hearts are full”. Their social media fans were really happy for their new kid and they flooded their comment section with immense love, support, and best wishes.


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