The 5 Best Budgeting Software of 2021


If there is anything that everyone needs today, it is a good budgeting tool. With the Covid-19 pandemic pushing people to the well, you need to manage your funds well, work out your income, and balance it against expenditures while offsetting the debts. This will help you keep a daily track of expenses and find opportunities to save. With the future looking so bleak and unsure, only savings can help you and improve your wealth. Even the small but constant miscellaneous costs that some of the big software cannot handle will be efficiently addressed by the best budgeting software of 2021. Looking at how we handle our change after buying stuff, you realize that a lot of money goes unaccounted. Of course, major financial software giants will not account for this. However, the best software in 2021 can handle them. This article shares with you the best five budgeting software you can use in 2021 to manage your finances. The finance industry has featured excellent financial software development that saw the introduction of the software used in budgeting.

  • Honeydue

If you are thinking of managing funds with a partner, Honeydue is the best budgeting software for you. The software is specifically designed to help couple better plan their budget. The software is available in an app that allows you to communicate and discuss money issues while still accessing the shared information with your partner. With the account, you and your partner can link your accounts. The software generates alerts and sends you notifications reminding you of the upcoming bills when you and your partner have exceeded the limit you set for spending. Honeydue has many benefits, making it rank first in the list of finance software development in 2021. First, the software comes with no monthly charges; just the download is enough to sustain it. Using the app, it’s up to you to decide how much information you and your partner are going to share. Besides, the app groups information categorically. Last but not least, the software sends you an alert when you overspend. Its major disadvantage is the limitation with education and use. You can only use the app on iOS or Android but no desktops. The other limitation is the amount of information you have, so little that the reports you get do not suffice to help you see the bigger picture.

  • PocketGuard

Having cared for our dear couples, it’s high time we remembered our college students. PocketGuard is the budgeting software designed to help them know how much they have and how they can wisely spend it. PocketGuard’s key features are the intuitive pie chart and the tracking that helps the student monitor his spending. The software is newbie-friendly, and even beginners can use it well. This is so because of the two features just mentioned. If you are a student on a tight budget, PocketGuard is the ideal budgeting for you since most of its provisions come for free. Another thing that makes it great is the My Pocket feature that shows you how much you can spend, saving you from impulse buying. With the app, saving is possible because of its smart algorithms. A few cons are related to the app, including limited transaction goals for free versions, ads in the paid versions, and narrowed reporting features.

  • EveryDollar

Is it that you are no longer a student nor a part of a couple? Well, you definitely have a family or are part of a family. If that is the case, EveryDollar is the best budgeting software for you. In less than ten minutes, EveryDollar software helps you make a budget for your family and adjust it as need be. The app offers real-time transfer from a device to another and is also available in the free version. The main con is that while using the free version, you must enter words manually, and even with the paid version, transaction categorization is manual. If you decide to use the paid version, you must be ready to part with about $240annually.

  • Personal Capital

You could be any of the three persons mentioned above but are more interested in investing and making retirement plans. In that case, Personal Capital would be the best budgeting software for you. With this app, you make robust investments and plans to secure you a safe future. Besides, managing money all-in-one-place is possible since it enables you to monitor how your cash flows and even track how worthy you are financially. It is an app that helps you accomplish your financial goals by integrating your assets for free. The only problem associated with it is the connectivity barrier between the account and the banks, as reported by some users. Sometimes you may find some features of the Personal Capital app being quite limiting, and you may not be able to manage everything, missing out on critical areas like asset management. However, its dashboard is the best of all, offering an interactive platform between the app and other financial tools you could be using.

  • Albert

If you want to manage your money well, Albert would be the ideal budgeting software for you. In case you have been having a hard time balancing your funds and saving, all these will end the moment you choose Albert as your budgeting tool. The app will help you be mindful of your money management since it tracks your spending moves, picking out spare money. It then moves the spare cash to a digital wallet where you can invest easily. The good thing about the app is that the money in it can be withdrawn anytime. While it stays in the account, it accumulates interest, and the more you use the app, the more you qualify for the yearly extras. The bonus rates are 10% for normal savings, while Genius activation comes with 25% bonuses. Like Honeydue, Albert offers limited intellectual educational information and is not available for a desktop version.


Managing funds properly is an important skill, especially now that the future looks bleak with the pandemic in place and other economic challenges. It’s only a good budgeting software that will help manage funds well. This article has looked at the five best budgeting software for couples, families, college students, and investors. Know your category and choose the suitable app for yourself.

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